The dream come true

One mast to fit all the sails of the market, one mast to tune your rig as per your feeling, one mast with more bend curves, the best in terms of technology, R&D, quality, durability. No more suggested bend curve from “mast charts”, no more wrong masts in your sail. We are the first and the only mast brand in the world with this innovative technology; get the best board of the world, the best sail of the world, the best boom of the world, the best extension. Then get the best mast of the world: the revolutionary Reptile Reverse. ( pat.pend.)


Less is more

 A simple concept to describe the first mast in the world with the reversible bottom section, an incredible mast that changes the bend curve to fit all the sails of the market simply switching from SIDE 1 to SIDE 2. Less problems to choose the right mast for your sail, less masts in your quiver, more options for your style, more bend curves in one mast. Experience the difference It’s no magic, it’s all in the REPTILE REVERSE technology. Less is more.




Millimeters make the difference.

 That’s why we measured tons of masts and decided to insert the millimeters instead the bend curve % , as the millimeters can show and explain better how the masts bend in reality without being affected by calculations and variables. Important notes: the numbers are an average of more than 10 years of masts measuring, and are affected by an average of +/- 2,5 % tolerance in bend curve.


The industry standard terms describing windsurfing mast bend curves are:

  • Hard top
  • Constant curve
  • Flex top

We not only measured all the mast of the market on our machine, but we constantly speak with many sail makers analyzing all the windsurfing sails geometries of the market. There are countless bend curves for the masts and many sail brands stay in between of the three popular terms above mentioned. They call them in many ways, hard, flex, progressive-flex, mid-flex, diagonal, and more and more.

In the bare reality, most of the windsurfing sails in the market can be rigged with many different masts ( and since a few years they also advertize this “property”, adding compatibility lists on their websites). For example, a stiff bottom section can be fitted with a constant one, a constant top sections with a flex one, a hard top sections with a constant one. It’s not the best option, but it could be done. Not easy to match the extreme, for example a flex top section with a hard top section.

During the sail development and many hours spent on the water, riders and designers find a “compromise” ( also called the “perfect tuning” ) between the sail shape and the mast curve. As it’s easily understand, this perfect tuning is affected by the weight and skills of the riders, by the wind and water conditions, by the boards and boom shape used. All variables that can be good for the most, but not for all!

Our gear is affected by the tolerances; if the sails cutting and sewing process are really fast, cut panels and stitches could have tolerances of some millimeters; and millimeters make the difference changing from bend curve to a different one. Pre-preg carbon materials have tolerances, epoxy resins have tolerances, every manufacture process has tolerances that can modify the results of the “perfect tuning” found by the developers.

With our digital bend curve machine we measured hundreds of masts; each mast has been measured detecting 7 points. At the end of the story we found an average of plus/minus 2,5 % of tolerance on the bend curve results. It means a difference from 2 to 5 mm from mast to mast, it means a mast completely different than the one for example, used by the sail maker and pro riders to developed the sail.

Considering this huge tolerance, we can say that with the Reverse you have a real option to properly rig all the sails of the market .Reptile Reverse covers the range from 61% to 64% on the bottom section and from 74% to 77% on the top sections. The different bend curve of the bottom section will define a different curve of the top section as well.

With one masts you can choose the best tuning for your self’s, switching from SIDE 1 to SIDE 2 depending on your weight, your style. the sails size and the conditions.

Try to explore the different feelings of your sails with our new REPTILE REVERSE RDM .


Reptile Reverse(pat.pend.) born to simplify the windsurfer’s life in terms of time spent to find the correct mast and the correct set-up. It is the first and the only mast in the world with the reversible bottom section which creates two different bend curves depending on the side used. It also give to the sail a different power and style, if used with SIDE1 or SIDE2.


SIDE 1: if you have a sail with a constant/ flex top bend curve, the SIDE 1 is your first option. Connect the bottom section to the top section keeping the SIDE1 sticker on the bottom (where you connect the extension), and enjoy your sailing.

SIDE 2 : if you have a sail with a constant/hard top bend curve, the SIDE 2 is your first option. Connect the bottom section to the top section keeping the SIDE2 sticker on the bottom (where you connect the extension), and enjoy your sailing.


Reptile Reverse (pat.pend.) may also get a different power to your sail:

SIDE 1: if you have a constant/hard top sail and want to have more power on the bottom and more wind released on the top section, the side 1 is our suggested option.

SIDE 2 : if you have a constant/flex top sail and want to slightly change the profile, with a flatter bottom and less wind released on the top, the SIDE 2 is our suggested option.


With Reptile Reverse you can customize the power of your rig depending of your weight, style, sail, wind. What the pro riders make with many masts and hours spent in the water , with the Reptile Reverse it can be done with one mast in a few minutes.


  • Innovative Reptile Reverse Flex System (PAT.PEND.) You can turn and connect the bottom section on the top section on both sides. The bottom section has a particular layup which give you two different bend curves just turning the section upside-down.
  • Innovative Reptile Cylindrical bottom section
  • Classic Reptile Equalized length when the mast is de-rigged.
  • Connection ferrule on top section permits to have a longer bottom section that absorb and the sail loads through the body of the mast.
  • The Reptile Reverse Flex System ensures you can benefit from the full sails bend curve range on offer and spend minimal time tuning. All Reptile Reverse masts are designed with the Reptile Reverse Flex System and so when used with a sail they have the correct shaping, twist and ability to remain stable in variable conditions.
  • you are not limited to a particular mast model to match your sail, with the unique convertible section of the Reptile Reverse you can match all the sails in the market with the benefit of the best carbon fibers in the market.